Why Choose Matesfreight?


Find several reasons to start shopping and shipping with Matesfreight.


  • Use our US address. With our Parcel Forwarding service, you can ship your online purchases to Matesfreight and we’ll forward them on to you.


  • Shop any US store. If a store doesn’t accept an international credit card or you simply want us to do the purchasing for you, choose our Shop For Me service.


  • Access US pricing, great deals and unique items.  Select items we can pick up in-store so you can catch exclusive sales.


  • Save money on shipping charges. Free repacking of multiple orders and free removal of extra packaging materials gets you the best freight rate. Even when your retailers ship overseas, if you are purchasing more than one item, it will save you money on shipping to consolidate everything with us.


  • Get friendly, personalised service. We are here to support you and we handle your order from start to finish. And with an Aussie accent!


  • Pay no membership fees.  Sign up for a free Matesfreight account to receive special offers. Once you’ve placed an order, you pay a nominal fee for each box we post to you. That’s it.


  • Think of us as your mates in the states!  Let us know what you’re looking for and we will make suggestions on where to shop. We’ll look for sales to save you money. Son wants Lego? Mama needs a designer bag? We can help. We love to shop too!















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