Get two mates to order and we will waive our fee for YOU


We really appreciate you spreading the word and now there’s something in it for you! When your friend places an order with Matesfreight, he or she provides your name and email address as the Referring Mate. When two of your friends have ordered and provided your name, we’ll let you know you’ve earned a free order. It's our way of saying "Thanks" for telling your mates.


Here’s the deal:

Tell your friends about Matesfreight and how they can easily shop US stores and websites for great deals and more selection.

Your friends place a Matesfreight order for either the Parcel Forwarding or Shop for Me service. They provide your name and email address on our order form.

As soon as two customers order and mention your name, we will notify you. We will issue you with a special code for NO FEES on your next Matesfreight order.

That's it! Easy. Placing two orders yourself will not earn you a fee-free order so get out there and tell your mates!

* Fine print:

  • This deal is valid through June 30, 2014

  • The two friends must identify you at the time of ordering for you to participate in this deal

  • NO FEES refers to the Matesfreight fee; this does not refer to any shipping or other associated costs

  • This deal is valid for Parcel Forwarding and Shop for Me services only

  • For Parcel Forwarding, the maximum fee to be waived US$12.00

  • For Shop for Me, the maximum fee to be waived is US$15.00

  • Matesfreight will inform you of your discount as it becomes available

  • Your FEE-FREE order must be placed by August 1, 2014

  • This deal does not apply to sea freight services



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