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Retailer doesn't ship overseas? Purchase items direct from online store and have your goods shipped to the Matesfreight address.



US store doesn't accept your international credit card? Let us manage the purchasing for you.



Item not offered online? You can still catch special deals and find unique items only available in-store.

Complete the form to submit your order details and contact information. We need your full name, address and phone number for shipping and customs forms. If you're shipping items to us, let us know what deliveries to expect. If you would like us to shop for you, please submit all relevant product details.

We'll review your order and and reply with an invoice. Within one day we'll send you a total for your order. This will include our service fee, an international shipping estimate and the cost of goods (if we're shopping for you).

Your items are shipped to Matesfreight. When your goods arrive, we will notify you and confirm the international shipping charge with a final request for funds if necessary. We can remove excess packaging and consolidate multiple purchases into a package for international shipping.

We ship your order to you. Upon receipt of your payment for shipping fees, we will post your package to the address you've provided. We will email you a confirmation and tracking information if available.

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