FAQ: Answers to the most commonly asked questions





How do I place an order?
Select the Service that best meets your needs and then complete the Order Form for that service.

How much does your service cost?  
Our service fee is 5% of the cost of goods with a minimum charge of $12 for Parcel Forwarding and $15 for the Shop For Me service. We also offer the In-Store Pick-Up service to help you take advantage of specials not available online; this starts at $35 but varies depending on the size and location of the item. See this table for more detail on all of our services and fees.

​Where can I shop online?
When you use Matesfreight, you can shop at any online stores that ship to a US address. See our list of popular stores and favourite shops

If a store accepts your credit card, but won’t ship overseas, purchase your item and have it shipped to the Matesfreight address:

Your Name, c/o Matesfreight, Your Name #539, 1631 NE Broadway Street, Portland, OR 97232 USA. 

If a store won’t accept your credit card, use our Shop For Me service where we do the purchasing for you. 


How much do shoes and clothes weigh?
Use these tables as a rough guide to estimate weights for shoes and clothes. 




































Are there any restrictions on what I can ship via Matesfreight? 

  • Matesfreight restricts the shipping of certain items. In general, we will not ship any items

  • Designed to cause injury

  • That may be flammable on an airplane

  • That are illegal in the USA

  • That are illegal in Australia (or the destination country, if elsewhere)

The Australian government controls the import of certain goods into Australia. Please check this complete list for details.




What happens if I use the Shop for Me service and pay you for my order, but when you place the order the item is no longer available?
We will contact you immediately by email and to see if you would like to select a similar product or if you would prefer to have a refund. Refunds will be processed within one business day.


What happens if I use the Shop for Me service and pay you for my order, but when you place the order the item’s price has changed?
If the item’s price has gone down we will continue with the purchase and deduct the difference from your final shipping payment or when there is no money owed, we will issue you a refund for the difference. If the item’s price has gone up, we will send an email to see if you would like to accept the new price or cancel the order.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We use the secure PayPal payment gateway and which accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and select debit cards. A 3% fee is charged afor all paypal transactions.


What currency do you use to process my order?
All of our prices are in US Dollars and all orders are processed in US Dollars.


Do I have to pay duties and taxes?
You are responsible for all duties and taxes on the goods you purchase. In Australia, goods with a declared or assessed value not exceeding AU$1000 may be imported free of duty, taxes and Customs and Border Protection charges, unless they are alcohol products or tobacco products. Visit the Australian Government Customs website for more details. For duty and tax information for other countries, please contact your local customs office. Matesfreight is not responsible for any shipping delays associated with customs matters.


Do I have to pay sales tax?

The mailing address we provide for your shopping is in sales-tax-free Oregon, so you don’t incur state sales tax on any purchases shipped to the Matesfreight address.


Why does my invoice say Mates in the States?

Matesfreight is the trading name of Mates in the States LLC.



How long will it take my packages to arrive?

We generally use USPS for the most cost-effective shipping and this generally takes between 5 and 15 days from Portland, Oregon
to Australia. Faster shipping methods are also available.


What are your agreed turnaround times?
If you are using the Shop For Me service, we will order your items within one business day of us receiving your payment for goods. For any goods we receive, we will ship to you within one business day but do aim to ship the same day.


Will you consolidate multiple purchases into one package?
Yes, we will consolidate multiple items into the most cost-effective packaging for international shipping. This is most often a single box but occasionally two smaller boxes will be less expensive. We have a lot of experience in sending goods internationally so when we know which items you are buying we can suggest a smart shipping solution. We will hold items free of charge for 14 days to give you time to shop for everything you’d like to ship together. When you place your order, please indicate you would like us to Consolidate Purchases. 


How do you handle returns?
We’re happy to assist you with returning an item however each return policy is specific to the merchant that sold you the goods. Please read the store’s terms carefully. Contact us to let us know you will be making a return and we will send you an invoice/request for money via PayPal to pay for the item to be returned to the supplier. Many stores provide free returns so in these cases there will be no charge to return. If a replacement item is ordered, this is treated as a new order and a new service fee will be applicable.


What happens if I place my order for purchasing but change my mind before my goods ship to Australia?
If your goods have not yet been packaged for Australia, we are happy to assist you with a return to the supplier. We will refund the full order price less a $10 service fee. Please note that each return policy is specific to the merchant that sold you the goods.


What is the Matesfreight address for shipping?
Our shipping address is 2815 NE 23rd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97212.


How do I get an international shipping estimate before purchasing my goods?
We know it can be confusing to work out the right box and shipping level for a particular order so please email with details on your proposed order (link to item(s), quantity, etc) and we can advise the most cost-effective method.  


How will you ship my packages to me?
We generally use USPS for shipping because it tends to be the least expensive. We also use UPS and FedEx which can be faster and do let you ship oversize items but also can be more expensive. We also have a sea freight option. Depending on what you're buying, we will recommend the most cost-effective shipping method and by consolidating multiple purchases and removing unnecessary packaging we maximize the space in each box. 


Do you ship to countries other than Australia?
Yes, we ship to most countries around the world. Our order process and service fees remain the same.


How much are domestic shipping fees?
When you use our Shop For Me service your order is subject to any domestic shipping fees charged by the store to ship the item to Matesfreight. Many online stores offer free or discounted shipping on orders so we will take advantage of any special deals we know about or if you have a promo code, please let us know.


* You may opt to have shoes removed from box to reduce the weight of your international package.

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