Small Business can help you with your domestic and international shipping needs. You can now take advantage of our large volume of packages being sent locally and internationally, to reduce your shipping costs.


We currently help a number of small business with their domestic and international shipments. From one shipment a month to fifty in a day, we can help!


Who do we use to ship? We use all the major carriers, and depending on what your needs are we can offer an range of prices and carriers. So if its gift wrapping to LA from Miami or lamp shades from Dallas to Boise, we have you covered.


If you need to ship something larger drop us an email and we can arrange it!


We can compare all the major carriers to make sure you are getting the best price for each shipment


So if you need help shipping give Matesfreight (503 863 7864) a call or email us today,


Need to send a package, send us the details using the our US customer form below, and we can provide you a quote.





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