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We are Aussies living in Portland, Oregon. For years we've been shopping for our Australian friends who want Lego, cosmetics, shoes, clothes, ski gear and more. They wanted more product range and to pay less than they would at home. This led to the big idea: Let's offer the same service to anyone who wants to shop US-based websites and stores but can't because their international credit card isn't accepted or the store doesn't ship overseas. 


Now we’re offering a number of services to give you the shopping experience we have in the USA. Access US websites, stores, boutiques and factory outlets for great deals and unique items. You can shop online and ship items to us or we can do the purchasing for you. We can consolidate items to save on shipping fees and all items are forwarded to you using the most cost-effective shipping method.


We’re small and that means your order is handled with personal service from start to finish. We live in Oregon and that means all of your shopping is sales-tax-free.

Professionally, we have ten years international shipping experience that started with shipping goods from Australia to Singapore and Vietnam. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and work hard to make your shopping experience a success. Tell your mates!



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